Almost after two years of full on concentration on Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment is out with its first non Angry Birds game ‘Amazing Alex’. Made on the same formula as that of Angry Birds, where players make use of sling shot to attack pigs that have stolen bird eggs, Amazing Alex’s makers say that in their next venture they have taken the physics puzzle fun a little closer to home.

Amazing Alex is about a young boy, Alex, who loves to organize everyday objects but in a creative way. For instance getting a soccer ball into a laundry hamper or toppling a cardboard robot. However, if you want to become a part of the creativity of Alex, then you will have to shed 99 cents from your pocket to enjoy the game on Apple products and Google Play. Nevertheless, a free version is available with fewer levels for Android phone users.

Rovio Entertainment revealed that as the players get on to higher levels they would have to build more complicated devices with balloons, toy trucks, helicopters and more. All in all the players will have 35 tools at their disposal which  they would have to use over 100 levels. This means that there are plenty of puzzles to be solved.

The most exciting part about Amazing Alex is that after solving the puzzles, Rovio also lets you create and share your own levels. Not only this, once you have cleared a level you can also share the solutions with other players at the iOS Game Center. However, some of the users have complained  about facing problems accessing the Game Center from their iOS devices. However, Rovio has assured that this problem shall  be soon taken care of.

Now what remains  to be seen is that how well this game gets to be accepted by its users and if it shall match the success that Angry Birds has attained.

This new game from Rovio does not mean that it’s not paying attention to its first and much loved game Angry Birds. As a matter of fact, the company has already announced that it is on the verge of making Angry Birds a part of PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS with animated, reactive backgrounds and HD graphics.

More good news for the Angry Birds fans is that the company is planning to release a version of the game where you play as the egg-swiping pigs.