The No-nonsesne App WhatsApp Gets Pricked By Privacy Issues


Whats App might have become your fave online social chatting app but here is news that could leave a sour taste in your mouth. Recent reports have lifted the lid on the closely kept secret that the app has been under scrutiny by the Canadian and Netherlands governments for over a year in context of breach of privacy laws. Now the results reveal that WhatsApp has indeed been guilty of such privacy violation.


Our internal sources state that the app breached “internationally accepted privacy principles … in relation to the retention, safeguard and disclosure of personal data.” This comes a time when the much-loved app hiked up its security by bringing in messaging encryption and enhanced authentication keys.  In fact, what came to light post-investigation is that– status updates could be read by anyone who had the phone number of a What’sApp user.


All this has led the app-makers to promise further security tightening but the governments are not willing to let go off the investigation even for the ongoing year. Till then we shall have to wait for knowing what’s up with WhatsApp.