Friday, June 9, 2023

All You Samsung Galaxy S3 Fans Get Ready For A Delicious Jelly Bean Update



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Samsung Galaxy SIII is all set to get Jelly Bean Update in the coming months. As reported by the PC Mag users will receive Android 4.1 over the air or as a download via Kies. The update will also include new features for TouchWiz, the Samsung-developed user interface.

However the date of the update is still not confirmed.

Meanwhile, Samsung said it has integrated its AllShare technology into the ESPN ScoreCenter app.

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“This means Galaxy S III owners will now be able to wirelessly push on-demand ESPN global sports coverage and highlights from the ESPN ScoreCenter app to their Samsung Smart TV,” Samsung said. “When on the same Wi-Fi network as a Samsung Smart TV, a sharing icon will appear within the ScoreCenter video player which allows users to seamlessly push what they are watching to the TV.”

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