Apple Inc. may soon add a search engine to its already illustrious portfolio of popular products across hardware and software categories. Notably, Google currently pays billions of dollars to the iOS owner to remain Apple’s default search engine. But, in a scenario where Apple may come up with its own search engine; Google will stand to lose its millions of users on iPhone, iPads and Mac systems. If the news reports are true, latest developments can bring ground-breaking changes to the search-engine market.

Signs Hint Apple Is Developing A Search Engine

  • Job Openings For Search Engineers
  • Applebot activities
  • Spotlight Search in iOS 14

Coywolf News has noted in its report that Apple is showing several signs that it may soon launch its own search engine. Apple’s job openings for search engineers with emphasis on AI, ML and NLP skills has been read as an indicator that the company is working on its own search engine. The Cupertino-based firm’s web crawler, Applebot has also been reported to be crawling websites regularly. Moreover, the instance of Spotlight Search bypassing Google Search results in iPadOS 14 beta version and iOS 14 further hints in the same direction.

Will It Be An End to Google Monopoly?

Today, most tech giants face intense competition across spheres with only Google as a major exception. Google has remained the reigning king among search engines for the longest time. But, it may change with its OS rival said to be entering the battlefield.Google also pays Apple to remain the default search engine on its platform.

But, the deal has already come under the scanner of public authorities. The UK regulators had also taken notice of the Apple-Google search engine deal earlier this year. UK Competition and Markets Authority had said that the agreement between the two tech giants creates a considerable barrier to entry and expansionfor Google’s search engine rivals. Many state that it might have also prompted the iPhone manufacturer to step aside and develop its own search engine.

Additionally, while world’s most smartphones run on Google’s popular Android operating system, Apple single-handedly competes with its iOS. The success of iOS and its customers’ known loyalty towards the company’s ecosystem will definitely come handy for Apple’s new search engine to gain acceptability. Thereby, it will definitely be a significant threat to Google’s monopoly in the search space and may eventually lead to a loss in its advertisement revenues.


Apple Search Engine May Go Ads-Free

Furthermore, experts predict that Apple’s upcoming search engine may actually act as a personalized data hub. However, some are also speculating that the platform may be made to operate without ads designed to be completely private.Furthermore, artificial intelligence may further enable the search engine to show results based on the user’s personal details including documents, emails, contacts, maps, music, notes, third-party apps, etc. Thus, with some considerable changes to the old Google Search, it would be interesting to see the new Apple Search Engine if it does see the light of the day.