With more than 3000 universal emoji, you can practically converse without even writing a single word. They make communication a lot easier and enhance your typing speed in the process. Emojis can be a lot of fun as they do not only replace short messages but also help to convey the meaning more visually. However, to avoid blunders, it is important to properly understand emoji as they also pack a punch with a certain element of surprise. To decode this new code language we are offering you an understanding of the basic and most used emojis.

Guide to Understanding Emoji of Different Types

To understand emoji thoroughly, it is important to know the various types of emojis that are available on different platforms. Get the complete list of emojis at Unicode.org along with their meanings to make accurate use of them.

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Use and Effect of Emojis, Emoticons, and Smileys

Modern communication involves the use of emojis, emoticons, and smileys whether you like it or not. They have replaced acronyms and slang as well in many cases. They are not just sloppy shorthand but are efficient in improving communication ability. Moreover, humans are adept at perceiving emotions and emojis are a great way to express and understand how a person is feeling even while not being able to see each other.

How to Differentiate Grinning Face from a Smiley Face Emoji?

It is important to differentiate between similar kinds of emojis to have a better understanding of how to express yours as well as to conceive others’ feelings. Although both depict happiness, there is a difference between the grinning face and a smiley face emoji in terms of visuals and meanings.

The grinning face can be identified with the show of teeth in the emoji. It generally means happiness, joy, excitement, or cheerfulness but sometimes it can be used to exhibit an ironic attempt at positivity during turbulent times.

Smiley faces are generally depicted by smiling face with a broad and closed smile expressing genuine warmth and happiness, positive feelings.

Latest Emojis Added to the List

Every year a lot many get added to the existing list of emojis. 2020 is no different. About 117 new emojis have made it to the list this year.

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Meaning and Significance Different Coloured Emoji

It is interesting to note that sometimes the same emojiis given different colors. For instance, the heart is available in different colors. You would also find hearts in different settings and different forms.

Similarly,emojis related to humans can be found in different skin colors. Although, it may seem to be controversial the variation in skin tones found in emojis is made to ensure interracial inclusiveness. Edinburgh’s WalidMagdy said, “The introduction of skin tone choices for emojis has been a success in representing diversity and their extensive use shows that they meet a real demand from users”

List of WhatsApp and Facebook Emojis

Both WhatsApp and Facebook have loads of interesting emojis. It is extremely fun to use them in your conversation. Check out WhatsAppemojis and Facebook emojis to make your conversations enjoyable.

Emojis make conversations easier. They also make chatting interesting with surprise elements as the person reading your message will have to spend some time to understand what you mean to say with the emojis. This will make the conversation engaging and you more fascinating in their eyes.

Cultural Differences in Emoji Meanings

True that emojis have a universal appeal but the meaning of some emojis can vary greatly depending on language, culture, and generation. Thus, using emojis in cross-cultural communication, inter-generation communication, or across different platforms runs the risk of being misunderstood and can have a boomerang effect.

Country-wise interpretation of emoji

Age-wise interpretation of emoji

Emojis can surely be considered as a universal online language even though the exact meaning of each emoji cannot be ascertained properly at all times. However, if you can understand emoji based on the contextual and cultural differences while chatting, there is nobody to stop you from becoming an expert emoji user. Let us know in comments below which are the emojis you use the most.