163785-one-billion-apps-iphone_originalTruedialer, which allows users to find whether another person is available to take calls or not, has got a new update. For those who are avid users of Truecaller, the Truedialer is easy to get addicted to. Its only downside is that it works only in with numbers that have the same app installed. Recently, Truedialer got an update. We went out to find what people think about it.

“It is a great update. It tells me whether the person is available to call or not. I am happy with it,” says Sneha.

“What I like about it is that I no more have to change my availability status manually. It happens automatically,” says Nikhil Chopra.

With the new update, the status icon turns red when people are busy and green when they are free. The new update also syncs with calendars automatically.

“Just like WhatsApp, now I can even deactivate the availability feature if I like,” says Swati Malu.

Truedialer has really come a long way and created a niche for itself. The app supports dual sim because of which it appeals to masses. However, many people using Truedialer have also reported a rise in call drop rates.

It will need some more updates before it is a smooth sail for Truedialer.