FAU-G, the latest action has garnered a lot of interest especially at a time when anti-Chinese sentiment is at an all-time high in the country. Developed by nCore Games, The Fearless and United: Guards – FAU-G is an Indian action game that is expected to be launched by the end of October.As FAU-G Game release date is announced, many believe that the latest battle royale mobile video game, designed and developed in partnership with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, will capitalize the void created by the recent ban on Chinese apps b the Govt. of India.

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Is FAU-G PubG Replacement?

FAU-G PubG Replacement1

With the recent ban on PubG, there have been several rumours circulating the news that FAU-G is PubG replacement. However, this is not true. The co-founder of nCOre, Vishal Gondal clarified that FAU-G is not PubG replacement and is not going to compete with PUBG Mobile. He said, “FAU-G was in pipeline for a long time and the company is preparing for an October release.”He also made it clear that the developers’ team had been working on the game since May-June this year. In fact, Gondal along with the other two co-founders – Dayanadhi MG and Ganesh Hegde, are working on 2 new games that are going to be released soon on Google Play and App Store.

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In an interview with Reuters, Vishal Gondal said, “There’s a belief that Indian game developers can’t produce good quality games, at nCore we want to prove that mentality wrong and bring out games that can compete with international games,” He further added, “Our team of developers is highly qualified and capable of developing games as good as PUBG or any other internal games.”

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Aksay Kumar FAU-G Game Already Has AFan Base

After FAU-G game launch, the first episode will be based on the Galwan Valley incident. The aim of the game is to not only provide a source of engagement and entertainment for the gaming enthusiasts but also educate the players about the crucial incidents of our country. The game is said to replicate the actual incident to show the tough situations faced by the Indian soldiers.

The owners have decided to donate 20 percent of the revenue earned by the game to BharatKeVeerTrust for India’s Bravehearts. The BharatKeVeer Trust is a state-backed trust that supports the families of soldiers who die on duty.

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