Airtel Store Near Me: Finding via SMS, Call or Simple Search on Internet


Telecom provider Airtel has one of the highest number of subscribers globally. According to, they had 403 million users in 2019 across about 16 countries. This means, they have an extensive network of Airtel stores. To find an Airtel store around you may sound simple. Type ‘Airtel store near me’ into any search engine or online maps and you would find the nearest Airtel store. However, they have many small and big outlets running. So you want to ensure that you end up with a legit Airtel store in your neighbourhood.

How to find an Airtel store near me?

We have some really cool recommendations to help you locate the nearest Airtel store or office, but these are specific to India. For international queries, you will need to contact customer care support. The easiest ways to find an Airtel office near me are: 

Online search on a mobile 

  1. Using the phone, a user can log onto the Airtel website 
  2. Tap on “Locations”
  3. If needed, change the settings so the location services on the given device are turned on before proceeding further
  4. Upon detection of location, the website itself will present the nearest Airtel store or office
  5. The exact address and phone number of the given store will also be available

In case the website is unable to locate the nearest open Airtel store, you may enter the name of the city you are in along with the pin code. With these details, the website will again present results in the form of a list of the stores in that location. 

Online search using a computer

The next way to find an Airtel store near me is to browse the official website on a computer. This is usually done when the phone is not in service, and you need to get your network checked at an Airtel store. 

A simple search on any search engine will show results in the form a list with all the Airtel stores in the vicinity. This will be a comprehensive list, with detailed address, contact numbers, and a direction on Maps available. If you tap on the ‘directions’ tab for a given store, it will usually open Google Maps (in India) with the store location already fed into it. This way, a user does not need to log into any account. 

Another alternative on a computer is to visit the Airtel India website:

  1. Go to the ‘Store’ page.
  2. Click on the”Airtel Store” button. 
  3. Enter the name of the Indian city or province next to the button. 
  4. This will pull up a detailed list of suggestions in your immediate region. 
  5. Enter the region that suits your location.
  6. Tap on the ‘Search’ icon.

This will bring up all the Airtel stores near you with their addresses. You may now scroll down and locate the store that is conveniently located for you. 

Usually, these lists also have the working hours of Airtel stores and offices. It is advisable to call on the given numbers and reconfirm the store timings before visiting. 

Finding Airtel office near me with no internet connection 

Our recommendations above are based on the assumption that the user has an active internet connection. However, it may not be possible to access the internet some times. If you are traveling and cannot access the internet (or want to get this very problem fixed at an Airtel store), you can also make a phone call to find out the nearest service store. To do this, we recommend the following steps: 

  1. Dial 198 or 121 from your phone (preferably your Airtel number) 
  2. Listen to the options being repeated on the call
  3. Follow the sequence of options to get connected to the Customer Support Team
  4. The customer support executive will then enquire about your problem and suggest the nearest location of an Airtel store based on the Pin Code or city/province you are in

Via SMS 

If a user is not able to call and find out the nearest Airtel store, another option is to find a store through SMS. For Airtel customers, this method is free of charge and convenient. The steps to follow are: 

  1. Access the Message app from a phone that uses the Airtel number you are seeking help with
  2. Type the word STORE. It has tobe in all capital letters
  3. Send this message to 121

In a few minutes, you will receive a list of the nearest Airtel stores via another message. 

These are the 3 most common methods to find an Airtel store near me. For a more detailed answer, and to get several questions answered, one can opt to speak to the customer care. Otherwise it is possible to find and locate the nearest store or office with or without an internet connection too. 

When to visit an Airtel store 

Airtel as a service provider offers many services that go beyond just telecom. While any issues with your phone or internet connection related to an Airtel number will most certainly be fixed at an Airtel store, there also other services that one may avail. 

Some of these services include: 

Postpaid and prepaid services

Recently, users have been mentioning complaints of an Airtel SIM not working. This happens when the SIM gets corrupted. This may lead to a temporary network issue but is easily remedied. This can happen for both prepaid and postpaid connections. Visiting the nearest Airtel store easily fixes this problem. 

Payment bank by Airtel

Airtel now offers its users the benefit of an Airtel Bank Account complete with biometric verification. This bank offers different features and an account can be opened by visiting the nearest Airtel office. This service is free of charge to open.

Once the user details are verified, you can own an Airtel bank account complete with a UPI ID, a debit card (if requested) and monthly cashback offers that you can avail to recharge or enhance your Airtel connection.

Airtel internet services

An Airtel user may sometimes face Internet issues related to their Airtel number, but this is easily fixed. If you are facing issues like lack of internet speed, or perhaps no access to Internet, or if you simply want to find out about the best Airtel offers, visiting an Airtel store is the best option.

The customer care executives at the Airtel store will be able to offer you solutions that suit your needs. There are also special discounts and offers that one may not be aware of, but can be easily availed upon visiting an Airtel office/store.