Airtel has improved its services in the last couple of months. With the best download speed when compared with Jio and Vi, Airtel has outperformed its competitors in all the major segments. Recently Airtel updated its Airtel Smartbytes Plans to stay ahead in the competition.

If you are an internet addict and love to catch all the action online, then this article is for you. Airtel Smartbytes act as an internet usage manager that keeps a close tab on your internet usage. Airtel Smartbytes usage includes the total broadband you have used in a given month, and even allows you to easily set up your daily usage limit.

Different Types of Airtel Smartbytes

Airtel Smartbytes send regular alerts on data usage and helps you stay within your monthly plan. There are two different Airtel Smartbytes types – one for mobile and the other is for Airtel Broadband.

Airtel Smartbytes Data Plans

Airtel For Mobile: Users need to download “My Airtel App”. Both prepaid and postpaid users can access the app on their smartphones. Once you have installed the Airtel App, sign up for a new account with your exact credentials. Once logged in, the app will present you with updated information on packs and offers for Airtel Smartbytes.

Smartbytes for Airtel Broadband: Airtel Smartbytes keeps a track of your data expenditure on Airtel Broadband. To check your Airtel Smartbytes Broadband usage, visit the official Airtel website. Then go the Airtel Smart bytes. The next step is to sign in up with your subscription information to track the current broadband usage.

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Airtel Smartbytes Plans

Airtel Smartbytes gives you the freedom to keep a close watch on your internet expenditure. With Airtel Smartbytes, you get regular data usage reminders so that you know when you have exhausted your Airtel Smartbytes Broadband.

Airtel Broadband Plans

Airtel has state-specific Smartbyte plans.  You can visit Broadband Plans by City to know the best Airtel Smartbytes plans that suit your needs.

How to check Airtel Smartbytes balance?

Check Airtel Smartbytes balance by visiting this URL: Airtel Balance Check. You don’t need an account to browse through the site. Follow these simple steps for Airtel Smartbytes Broadband usage check:

  • Click on the Broadband menu
  • Once you have clicked on the Broadmand menu, it will present you a detailed picture of Airtel Smartbytes Usage

You can also see your remaining smartbytes for the current month.  In case you want to top up Airtel Smartbytes, you can do it from the same page.

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Shop Airtel Smartbytes

To shop Airtel Smartbytes, you can simply call on either 121 or 198 for all information on Airtel Smartbytes. In case your query is not solved, you can also visit the nearest Airtel Store and speak to the executive there for Airtel Smartbytes plan 2020. If you fail to activate Smartbytes, check data usage with Airtel Smartbytes or top up data using Airtel Smartbytes.