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Airtel Leaves VI and Jio Behind: Better Video & Download Speed

Despite hard criticism for slow speed and connectivity, Airtel is back on track. Airtel has out performed its competitors VI and Jio in video conferencing and now stands on the first position when it comes to download speed. Jio, on the other hand, has been able to maintain its mark and has won the 4G Coverage Experience awards. The results are solely based on the findings and research of a London-based network analytics firm Open Signal over a period of 90 days which commenced from May 1, 2020.

Airtel is also the recipient of Voice App Experience and Download Speed Experience awards. The global telecommunication company noted an average download speed of 10.4 Mbps, whereas Vi won the Upload Speed Experience award with a score of 3.5 Mbps, outscoring Airtel by 0.7 Mbps.

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Airtel vs. Vi vs. Jio

Airtel vs. Vi vs. Jio

Airtel has been consistent in its offering especially during the pandemic and has now ‘Video Experience award’ for the fourth time in a row with a score of 57.36 out of 100. There was an upsurge in mobile gaming during the pandemic period and Airtel excelled in this front as well. Airtel won the first-ever ‘Games Experience award’ with a score of 55.6 out of 100. The official report issued by Open Signal mentioned, “This measure of the mobile experience analyzes how the multiplayer mobile Games Experience is affected by mobile network conditions including latency, packet loss and jitter to determine the impact on game play.”

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Latency Experience

Airtel also bought home the Latency Experience award in India, thereby winning a total of four awards. The mobile operator took over Jio with a score of 54.1 milliseconds compared with the 56.3ms experienced on Jio’s network. Over the last six months Airtel’s users’ response time reduced by 3.1ms, while Jio’s score increased slightly by 2.1ms, allowing Airtel to win this award for the first time.

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