Some of world’s top energy, infrastructure and transport companies have been targeted by Iranian hackers during the past two years. This could eventually lead to some kind of physical problems, as per Cylance, a U.S security firm.

Airlines, energy firms targeted by Iranian hackers: Reports
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Not only U.S, but companies in Israel, Saudi Arabia, China, Germany, France, England and India have also been targeted by these hackers. This report by Cylance has come at a time when government in U.S is trying to understand the capabilities of hackers in Iran.

 The researchers have uncovered that these breaches were carried out in more than 50 entities. All these misadventures are believed to have been carried out by a Tehran based company which was behind a cyber attack on U.S navy network in 2013.

However, companies whose infrastructure has been damaged owing to these attacks have chosen not to react, as of now.

Iran however has strongly countered the claims made by Cylance. Iranian sources said that this was a malicious campaign and was targeted at tarnishing the image of Iran in the international community. Hamid Baberi, the spokesperson for Iran’s mission to United Nations has observed that the current findings of Cylance could be aimed at hampering the nuclear talks which are underway currently.