lg g flex bendable foldable phonesAs LG recently created waves with the launch of LG G Flex, it’s evident that the future of bendable phones is here. Researchers at the University of Houston have taken this step further by devising a new electrical conductor that is stretchable in nature. This transparent electrical conductor makes way for phones that are bendable and possibly can be folded away. We’ll probably also see TVs that would have the ability to bend.

These conductors have gold electrodes with nanomesh (network of well connected nanowires made in gold). They allow for extreme stretchability along with good electrical conductivity. The scientists at University of Houston also see this electrical conductor being used in biomedical devices.

Lead research Zhifeng Ren suggested that gold nanomesh electrodes with novel grain boundary lithography tend to give on a slight resistance. This nanomesh conducts electricity and is transparent. Gold is preferred over silver or copper because this nanomesh doesn’t oxidize so soon. Therefore, this gold nanomesh is transparent, stretchable and conductive.