Not actually from Cupertino, California based Apple Inc themselves, but a leak for the supply chain seems to indicate that the next iPhone won’t be the iPhone 6 but will actually just be a minor update, called the iPhone 5G. The leaked photos, available on show a phone that has the same screen size and icon placement as the previous iPhone 5. The phone does sport a convex curved screen, an unexpected move. Let us not forget that we have also seen indication that there might be an iPhone 5C in the offing. This is rumoured to be a cheaper phone with multi colour options that is made predominantly out of plastic.

The name iPhone 5G might actually be an indication as to the network capabilities of the phone. The 4G LTE band has been marketed by some as 5G, Apple might be playing off that idea. Also, it is quite possible that Apple is just throwing up a smoke screen in the build up of its September device reveal plans. This certainly won’t be the first time Apple bowls a googly, something that looks like one thing but is another! Either way, looks like we will all need to wait for another month to find out exactly which iPhone is going to be released.