The gaming arena will now be a more liberal space as gaming publishers are taking the bold decision to scrap the online passport requirement for their star brands. Ubisoft, makers of smash hit games like Assassins Creed series, had announced last October that they would be scrapping the highly criticized UPlay Passport and that future game will not have the passport requirement at all.

The passport requirement was removed from all new PC version copies of Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag released since then and the people who had already bought the game were promised refunds. This move has been widely appreciated by gamers all over and coming right after a similar move by EA games (publishers of titles like Battlefield and Need For Speed) which scrapped its online passport requirement earlier in May 2013.

Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag had faced gamer vitriol after it came out that even single player features like Kenway’s Fleet needed the UPlay passport. Passport limiting had been usually reserved only for online multi-player features till then but Ubisoft introduced it in to the single-player arena in AC4. The announcement by Ubisoft had credited gamer reactions as the reason for the removal of the passport requirement.

The passport requirement has now been removed and all the game copies released on Xbox One and PS 4 will be free of any Uplay passport requirement. Many prominent gamer communities have expressed hope that this online passport requirement will not crop up in future and will be forgotten as a bad memory. The passport requirement was allegedly brought in to stop piracy and also to get a share of the second-hand games market. Many gamers had openly expressed revolt to the decision with some even going to the extent of openly stating that they will not be buying games which have a passport requirement.