Cool, stylish, bigger, brighter, and smart, Samsung Galaxy S III makes a great smartphone that’s a direct competition to Apple’s iPhone 5. The phone’s been a hit and has got great reviews from everyone around.

For those who love big phones, Samsung Galaxy S III makes a great choice. And to further augment the features of your Galaxy S III, we are listing down some of the accessories to go with the device.


An intriguing device, TecTiles is a programmed device that you can place on nightstand, activating specific settings when touched by your phone. Place a programmed TecTile on car dash and it will send a message to family letting them know that you’re on your way home with just a touch of your phone. Costing a little over $10 at Amazon, TecTiles is a great device.



Motorola Roadster 2

A hands free in car, the Motorola Roadster 2 makes a full-featured, Bluetooth speakerphone that delivers on both performance and ease-of-use.







Plantronics BackBeat Go

Comfy and modest, the $99 Plantronics BackBeat Go is a wireless stereo Bluetooth earphone set that works equally well for voice calls and music.








Aliph Jawbone Era

The Aliph Jawbone Era is a potential audio computing platform. The first Bluetooth headset with an accelerometer and a dedicated applications processor, it could be turned into anything from a game controller to a pedometer, or a navigation unit.



Logitech UE Mobile Boombox

Get the $99 Logitech UE Mobile Boombox for great sound quality.







MHL Adapter

Transfer videos taken by your S III to your television easily using the MHL video cable. It’s simple and easy to work.