Yes, it is TRUE! Adidas is not giving free shoes on Women’s day. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, a new WhatsApp scam has been doing rounds to trick users. It is best to ignore the message and do not fall into the trap. The message looks suspicious and the company has also not made any official announcement regarding Adidas Free Shoes Women’s Day.

Adidas Free Shoes 1

 A WhatsApp message has been forwarded many times with a link saying “Adidas Women’s Day gift”. The message claims to be an offer from Adidas stating that the German multi-national company is giving away 1 million pairs of shoes to celebrate Women’s Day. At the first look, the link itself looks suspicious as the URL has “Adidas” misspelled as “Adidass”.

The WhatsApp scam is surely a dubious one. If you click on the link, it will automatically take you whole new page with the message, “Congratulations! You have a chance to get free shoes provided by Adidas for Women’s Day.”The WhatsApp link claiming Adidas Free Shoes Women’s Day doesn’t have any content but just pictures.

Also, at the end of the page, it states the website has been developed by © 2021 adidas America Inc. As for the official Adidas website, it includes ©2020

Adidas Free Shoes 2

We request all our readers to not fall for WhatsApp scam. To protect personal date, its best to:

  • Not click on any suspicious links
  • Check the URL link carefully
  • Look for spelling errors
  • Keep an eye on the
  • Language of the message

Also, to be on the safe side, it is always best to not fall for such lucrative yet suspicious messages. Please check the company’s official website before taking any step. It is further advised not to forward any such messages to your contacts as it creates a way for hackers to dupe users who are prone to falling for such scams. Stay tuned to this space for latest technology news. You can also sign in for our newsletter to get latest updates delivered to your mailbox