Shortly after the announcement of Surface Tablet by Microsoft, Acer Inc. has pointed out that the move to introduce its own brand of tablet computers will negatively harm the company’s relations with OEM partners.

Acer is the world’s third-largest computer maker. Henry Wang, the company’s spokesperson points out that Microsoft is their partner, but this move has made them the competitors of all PC makers. He further added that the launch of its own-brand products by Microsoft will leave a negative impact on the entire computer industry.

Microsoft’s Surface tablet is developed by the Redmond, Washington-based company. The device is powered by the company’s Windows operating system and will be available later this year.

There have been many debates reported on this move by the computer giant. Acer also joins the line and argues whether to continue relying on Microsoft software or not. At this point, it is also unclear weather Microsoft plans to release other models in future.