Ace Combat 7 Review: To the Skies Unknown


Flight action video game Ace Combat 7 developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment has been released for Play station 4 and Xbox One starting January 2019. In this Ace Combat 7 Review, we compare it to the past versions and find out what’s new.

Setting of Ace Combat 7

The better thing about Ace Combat 7 is that the game has been established in the same fictional universe in which the previous variant of the game was set up. The game takes the events of Ace Combat 04 and Ace Combat 5 as the background. Osean Federation brokers peace between military power of Erusea and the remaining Usean continent.

In this context, the International Union Peacekeeping Force was formed with the intention of maintaining peace across the Usean continent. The former President Vincent Harling also orders space elevator which has been funded off the Erusean coast to revitalize the economy of the continent.

This space elevator however creates resentment among Eruseans who consider it to be an undesired intervention from Osean.

Ace Combat 7 Review

Ace Combat 7 Review: The Plot

The plot of the game is very interesting and hovers around Avril Mead who is a mechanic and while flying in an old jet fighter is caught between Osean and Erusean forces. Arvril is sentenced to forced labour for illegally flying in the restricted zone.

The player with a call sign trigger is assigned to a mission to rescue Harling. However, during this mission, the aircraft is shot down. Trigger is charged with murder and transferred to a Space squadron at the 44th Air Base.

However, after proving his worth in various missions in Space Squadron, Trigger is allowed to return to the military and is assigned to a mission where he pushes the Erusean forces all the way back to Farbanti, the capital of Erusean.

Ace Combat 7 Review

Meanwhile, when Avril is stranded from rest of his colleagues, he encounters Rosa Cossette D’Elise who is the princess of Erusea. The princess regrets her supporting the war and both Avril and Erusea become good friends.

Avril and Rosa come across Doctor Schroeder who is the key scientist responsible for Erusean drones. They also come to know that there are many drone factories around Erusea.

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The Osean forces on coming to know about this plan an attack but are somehow stopped by two advanced drones. Meanwhile, trigger accompanied by Osean and Erusean aces confronts the drones. Trigger in an effort to prevent the data from being uploaded to the drone factories chases and destroys the same.

This brings the war officially to an end and Avril remembers the conflict and the ways in which Trigger was able to bring the same to an end.

It is noticeable here that the game was originally announced in 2015 and was set to be released in 2017. However, the same could be released on January 18, 2019 and will be available for Microsoft windows after February 1, 2019. A big additive of the game is the availability of missions in virtual reality which however will be exclusive for PlayStation VR for a period of one year.

A fast paced action video game, Ace Combat 7 will certainly appeal to video game lovers.