However, the passage is not easy for the game as its popularity is likely to be challenged by a puzzle game called 2048, which is emerging as the newest online craze.

2048 seems difficult at the first look, but is very easy to understand and at the same time is highly addictive. It is a puzzle game similar to that of Candy Crush, but it makes use of numbers and not colorful candies. The gamers need to join the numbers and achieve 2048 tile in the box while making as less moves as possible. The tiles are required to be matched up with same numbers which merges into one tile giving a larger number or double of the tiles that have been merged. You can continue playing the game in order to beat the score of your friend even after winning the game i.e. collecting the’2048′ tile.

2048 is available in two variants keeping in mind the varying taste of mobile gamers – one variant is known as Dodge 2048 and another is inspired by Flappy Bird and is known as Logarithmic Flappy 2048. 2048 is the brain child of Gabriele Cirulli, a 19-year-old Italian programmer and developer.

The game was launched on March 9 2014, and Cirulli tweeted three days later that the game is being played by 28,000 people. He also claimed that in its first week online, the game got 520 years of play time computed collectively. He was quoted saying that “The amount of man-hours spent playing this game will never be returned to humanity.

However, the download numbers of 2048 is less than that of Flappy Bird, which rose to prominence in a very small period of time after its launch. “Cirulli has warned the mobile gamers against imitation applications, with claims that some developers are copying him on Google Play store in order to increase downloads,” according to CNET.