Now, after the huge global hit of “Flappy Bird” on the Play Store as well as App Store, the new craze among the gamers from all walks of life is the number puzzle game named “2048.” Based on the previous concept of “1024” done by Veewo Studio and having similarity to the “Threes” developed by Asher Vollmer, 2048 is creating a trend in mobile gaming arena. If you have also tried it out and want to beat any other’s score, we will put forth a few tricks or otherwise “cheats,” which you can try out.

2048 Cheats: Tips And Tricks to Win The Game


  • Know the Goal – You have to create the tile of 2048 without messing up the entire field. So, plan it prior to starting the game.


  • Strategic Approach – Winning games is all about strategies. Don’t make hasty moves or unplanned ones. Keep calm.


  • Stick to Corners – Like the thump rule in many puzzles, sticking to corners is the best game plan for 2048 too. Try to push the tiles to any one corner and you will find it the best move.


  • Always keep an eye on incoming tiles – Keep a track of where tiles are coming in and the number on the tiles. Initially, these may be 2, but later you will get larger figures.


  • Play on – 2048 is not a complicated game where you have to simply match up the tiles with same numbers and get it to 2048. One tip to beat your friend’s score is to keep on playing it even after winning the game.


First give a couple of trial shots, plan, strategize, and go for your winning move as the best approach to 2048.