WhatsApp’s new privacy terms expressly stating to share user information with Facebook created a buzz on the internet last month. Owing to resentment from users across the world, WhatsApp extended the deadline for accepting these conditions from February 8 to May 15. This means that users will have to now agree to these terms if they want to continue using the app with all its features. It has also enlisted the consequences of not accepting WhatsApp new privacy termsbefore the deadline.

What Is the New Privacy Policy by WhatsApp?

According to the company, the new privacy policy is meant only for business accounts. It aims to enhance the efficiency of target marketing on Facebook through the sharing of transaction related information. Thus, the conversation happening between the business and the consumer on WhatsApp can be accessed and used for showing personalized advertisements to that consumer.

What’ll Happen to Users Who Don’t Accept WhatsApp New Privacy Terms?

The instant messaging app will not terminate the accounts immediately, but give users time to reconsider their decision.

Refusing to accept WhatsApp new privacy terms and conditions will mainly have the following implications:

  1. The user’s account will be considered as inactive, thus limiting its functionality. While the user will be able to receive WhatsApp calls and notifications, they will not be able to read or respond to any messages.
  2. This will continue for 120 days post which WhatsApp will delete the user’s account along with the entire history. The account will be permanently taken off WhatsApp and no data will be retrievable whatsoever.

Not being able to use the app for its intended purpose for 120 days is going to be irksome. It will actually force the users to take a stand on whether they want to stay on the app or not.

Whatsapp new privacy terms 1

If the user has finally decided to leave the app, they can simply export their chats to some other app such as Telegram. This can be done by tapping on the three-dot icon on the top right corner and then clicking ‘Export Chat’.

WhatsApp FAQs Page

To offer clarifications to users regarding its latest terms of service, WhatsApp has created an FAQs page. Through this page, the company has tried to settle the inhibitions of users by promising that:

  • The messages will stay encrypted and nobody will be able to hear or keep track of the calls made on the app.
  • The location will be encrypted too and no outside person will be able to see it.
  • The ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature will further ensure that messages are not saved in the chat.
  • The contact list will be secure and nothing will be shared with Facebook or its related apps.

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WhatsApp will continue to utilize the Status feature for disseminating information on its updates and the related FAQs. It will also be sending an official notification regarding the new terms and conditions soon. Given that WhatsApp has now become an essential service, it will be interesting to see how users respond to this new deadline.