So you’ve picked up the coolest smartphone out in the market and are loading it up with all apps possible. While we will help you figure out what are some of the best apps for the ladies today, we’re going to show you a couple of really cool accessories that we think should be on your must-buy list! We’ve scourged about the market (the real market, not the Android one) on your behalf and have come across one of the most convenient accessories for your phone guaranteed to make you fall in love with your phone over and over again.

We’re talking about ‘grippy’ tripods. We know what you’re thinking – “why on earth would I need a tripod for my phone?”. But, hear us out, and you’ll also be convinced as we were. Joby, Inc introduced the concept of GorillaMobile – an accessory that lets you attach your phone to pretty much any kind of surface. You can use the GorillaMobile as a conventional tripod to click amazingly still and sharp photos or take videos without any shaking.

But beyond the use as a tripod, this accessory is absolutely handy even for those who do not indulge in complex photography using their phones. The whole point of buying a smartphone was to have the complete and perfect companion, no matter where we are – our smartphones double up as GPS devices in the car, and as a workout buddy in the gym – giving us music, or even counting our calories on the treadmill. The GorillaMobile has flexible legs, letting you fold them or roll them around any surface, making sure your phone is securely fastened anywhere.

So attach your smartphone to a GorillaMobile stand and curl its legs around your steering wheel for use as your GPS, or around the treadmill in the gym to let you monitor your performance, or just place it on your table to watch your favorite videos. The GorillaMobile’s legs are made of rubber and offer the perfect grip for your smartphone – whether it’s placed on an uneven surface, or wrapped around a pole. With it, you can position your phone at just about any angle and get it to work for you.

Joby has created the GorillaMobile basic for any handheld device and has even created custom versions of this product for iPhones, iPads and even the iTouch. Its innovative design has even won laurels and recognition, with the GorillaMobile for iPhone 4 having been selected for the International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award under the category of Wireless Handsets Accessories.

Pick one up today and make your smartphone as versatile as it is supposed to be. What’s more, the GorillaMobile is really compact and lightweight, so you can even carry it about in your purse; so, no matter where you go, your ‘grippy’ tripod/stand is always within your reach.