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Three-Screen Workstation: Where Can You Get It

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In this digital era, it’s all about being mobile! For the efficiency-minded users, multi-tasking is the need of the hour and it is always good to have more than one monitor to improve the productivity. Well, what other way to do so than an added screen space with your laptop? Yes, we are talking about triple screen laptop workstation. We need multiple devices, and a three-screen workstation is able to provide that.  

All you want to know about three-screen laptop workstation

triple screen laptop workstation

The Mobile Pixels Trio is a great laptop accessory that enables you to add an extra screen space to your laptop. With this triple screen laptop workstation, working professionals can now conveniently turntheir laptop into a user-friendly triple-display experience to amplify overall work-productivity.

Offering a full-three screen experience, The Trio is the upgraded version of Mobile Pixels’ Kickstarter -Duex, a second monitor that uses magnetic adhesives and a USB cable to clip right to your laptop and promises an effective second screen presentation.

The triple screen laptop workstation is perfect for business meetings, presentations, gaming, trading, programming, travelling and schoolwork as it gives you more room tomanoeuvre and speeds-up the overall work performance.

All-New Features of Triple Screen Laptop Workstation

Compatible with MAC, Linux, Windows, Chrome and Android, here are some amazing features the Mobile Pixels Trio brings along:

  • Sleek, geometric design
  • 1080p high resolution display
  • Triple screen capabilities
  • Optional two-sided presentation mode
  • Dual sided sliding
  • Expansive screen view
  • No additional gear
  • Single cable for power and data both
  • 180 degree or full 270 degree rotation
  • Brightness adjustment feature
  • Compact and super-light
  • 40% more energy efficient

Added Advantages of Mobile Pixels Trio – The Triple Screen Laptop Workstation

The Mobile Pixels Trio is the latest upgraded plug-and-play solution for a multiple monitor setup especially when you are on the go. You can also or clip two TRIOs together for a triple screen multi-tasking efficiency.  Also, since it is lighter than its predecessor, it adorns compact design that ensures increased ease and mobility that is extremely helpful when moving from one workspace to another.

We bet you that multitasking can’t be any easier than with the Mobile Pixels Trio. The Trio is easy to install as it sturdily attaches to 13 and 14-inch laptops. The larger Trio Max, on the other hand, is also compact and works well with 15 and 15.6-inch models. Once installed properly using the simple USB cable, you can swiftly slide the screen from the left and right of your laptop screen for a captivating triple-screen display. Along with a more expansive desk space, the Trio is 40 times more energy efficient than the previous model, thus ensuring you are able to complete all tasks in hand without worrying about finding a plug to charge your laptop when on the go.

Try it out and let us know. You can pre-order the Mobile Pixels Trio and get your hands on the triple screen laptop workstation at https://www.mobilepixels.us/.

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