1996 was the year Hotmail hit the spot among users, when Sabber Bhatia introduced users to the era of e-mails. Then as Gmail came into being, the game was completely changed. There were many users who thought Hotmail wasn’t that hot after all. And that the mail service never changed its interface as it didn’t evolve.

Microsoft, however, now wants to change this perception and is serious about giving users an enhanced mail experience that they hope will outdo Google’s Gmail. For this, Microsoft Outlook.com email is all set to replace Hotmail.

Clean and spacious, Outlook.com is sure to give users a fresh start. With a strikingly simple interface, Outlook.com email is functional and easy to use.

Outlook.com is based on the tried and tested columns design of Outlook and, indeed, the Windows Live version of Hotmail. For those who have used Windows 8, it’s like the better version of Mail app. It is believed that in case the Mail app in the final version of Windows 8 works as good as Outlook.com, it will really be helpful.

With Outlook.com, Microsoft offers users a chance to plug everything and connect the services users use to Windows Live. Besides SkyDrive, this also looks like a key factor of Microsoft’s Windows 8-era online.

As for now, there is also a promised integration of Skype that doesn’t work as yet.

While users can plug in social networks as time goes on, currently this uses the same mechanism as Windows Live social accounts, and clicks through to old-school Windows Live.

With Outlook.com, users can open and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in your inbox, which will change how people deal with their inbox.

It also has messenger integrated, and works the same way to the Messaging app in Windows 8.

Outlook.com is basically what Hotmail was. Microsoft has offered features such as inbox tidier Sweep as new while they are actually old.

Microsoft plainly thinks that it can attract users from Gmail. The site even offers instructions on how users can port email from Google and how they can set up Outlook on various devices including the iPad.

Users can clearly select Outlook.com email address that will side-by-side work in addition to users’ existing Hotmail email.

With all points said, for those looking for new experience with webmail can opt for Outlook.com that makes a great choice. But the most plus point that users can obtain is getting the same username that they always wanted, only if they sign up soon!