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A Human Woman Pilot in Star Fox 2? What, Say Yes!

The recent Nintendo leaks have the gamers buzzing. The latest leaks have hinted towards numerous old designs for SNES and Nintendo 64 games, including a grungy-looking Yoshi and our first look at a Luigi model inside of Super Mario 64. 

Star Fox 2

The leak for the Star Fox 2 game shows gave us a glimpse of the early designs that have a different co-pilot line-up. What is striking in the new designs is that one of them is a human woman. With incredibly beautiful hair, the woman pilot has stirred the gaming enthusiasts considering the absence of humans across the rest of the Star Fox series and it will be certainly interesting to see a human woman here.

Black Woman Pilot

The Black human woman pilot has stirred the conversations as Nintendo has factually had a small number of Black characters. As Kotaku reports, Nintendo shelved the game thinking it would fail to compete with the mind-blowing graphics of the PlayStation. 

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It was only recently that in Animal Crossing, for instance, the creators allowed players to pick black skin for their villagers. On the SNES, it is only probable to imagine her being rarer. It seems like astrangeadditionin a universe that ispopulatedwith anthropomorphic animals.

Woman Pilot in Star Fox 2

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Other leaked images display Fara Phoenix, a character who was never seen in any Star Fox game but then suddenly came into being as a love interest for Fox in a series of 1990s spin-off comics. An early take on the Star Fox 2 main theme has also been discovered, along with placeholder sprites which include enemies from the Mario series

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Leaks are Intrusive

Dylan Cuthbert,Star Fox programmer and director, came forward and discussed the leaks while raisingsuspicion with the sudden re-appearance of private work decades later. He feels that it is “intrusive”. No one can negate the exclusive nature of these leaks, particularly from a company as secretive as Nintendo. It will now be worth to see how the Nintendo lovers are going to react to the latest leaks.

Stay tuned for latest updates!

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