If you thought that the Pirates from the Carribean was a past affair, then wait till you see the haunting pirate in ‘Nightmares from the Deep’, which can just add the ‘horrific’ touch to new age gaming!

Pirates are always found to be intriguing and have often been used in popular entertainment as substitutes for mysterious elements, which reveal much more than what sees the eye. Similarly, G5 Entertainment and Artifex Mundi have planned their game around this theme in ‘Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart, Collector’s Edition HD’ and the chief antagonist of the game is played by a pirate zombie. One couldn’t miss the clear resemblance to Jack Sparrow’s hallowed look in the Pirate movies.

The player dons the role of a museum owner, whose daughter is kidnapped by the undead pirate and there begins the game with a series of hidden objects revealing the progress of the search and leading the game towards its climax. There is a storyline running in the back of the game, which involves the pirate trying to bring his dead lover to life with the young girl’s spirit but there are some details which you can enjoy for yourself while playing the game.

You can opt for the regular or the expert mode depending upon your familiarity with similar games. As the name suggests, the regular mode would be mingled with clues and would be bereft of any penalty for the wrong choice. While the expert mode is for the ones who have their intuition heightened and their choices clear. You can take objects from the scene or choose some objects from your own kitty to unlock the objects in the scene. The detailing is efficient and may feel farfetched some time but still does not turn it boring in any manner.

The graphics look amazing with the creepy pirate playing his part to the T. And the range of objects are just mind boggling rendered perfectly to offer a wonderful gaming experience. There are a number of objects and a wrong choice can get you out of the game. Every new option leads you to a new location every time. The game is high on the spook factor and you can enjoy it with simple taps to complete every scenario.

For making matters convenient, the game has been released free, at least a part of it for now. But when you are completely addicted to it, you can opt for the full game, which is available at 4.99$ for the iPad and 2.99$ for the iPhone. And if the coins in your pocket are still clinking, the game is worth the money! The collector’s edition promises to be a hell of a ride and with movie-like settings and a variety of intriguing settings, this is a sure winner. The game made its presence felt on the computers and now comes to the mini gadget. But yes, convince yourself after you have tried the free version!