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A Guide On How To Reset Android Phone When Locked?

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Coming across a situation wherein your Android phone gets locked without you having a clue to the access lock, is not rare. Ig often happens that you goof up the password or enter wrong credentials over the maximum limits—only to end up with a locked phone that seems to have slept over all that data.

The most usual instinct and idea that strikes you is to go in for the Factory Reset Option. But wait! This would mean you will need a verification pattern or code! Then again, there is an answer for how to reset Android phone when locked; that doesn’t end with Enter Pattern.

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All these methods for resetting Android phone when locked will work for brands such as Motorola, LG, HTC, Samsung, Sony and Huawaei.

Understanding Factory Reset

Each user comes with a separate mindset and requirements when it comes to the type of data to store on an Android phone. Similarly, there are varied reasons to delete data on Android too. One could be cleaning up the Android system, while another reason could be settings related changes.

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However, when your phone is locked and you cannot unlock it, then you might use Android Unlock. This tool is effective in unlocking Android smartphones. You do not incur any data loss and also do not need any pin or password. It even works for second hand purchases and requires no verification pattern either.

How To Reset Android Phone When Locked, By Manual Method?

Press Power+Lower Volume keys. You will see a fast booting display.

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Choose Recovery option.

After that, press Power button and then Volume Up.

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Choose Wipe data using the volume buttons.

Now, simply wait for the phone to reset and spring back to life.

Android Phone Resetting Using Device Manager

The Device Manager for Android is mostly used for unlocking the phone when it is locked but you can also use it to erase your phone using the ‘Run, Lock and Wipe’ options.

  • At the beginning, you need to sign in to Android device manager using a PC.
  • Navigate to Android Manager on your computer or from any other device.
  • Login using Google.
  • Select any phone you want to unlock.
  • Choose a lock.
  • Here, enter the password for temporary and choose Lock again
  • Now, the confirmation message will appear with options such as Ring or Lock or Erase.
  • Enter temporary password.
  • Click on Erase to delete all data.

Summing Up

If you have been looking for answers on unlocking Android phone when locked, the above methods could come in handy.

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