With every passing day, new rumors keep surfacing about the purported iPhone 5S, but we’re yet to hear any word from its maker. The latest rumor suggests that Apple could put in a dual-shot camera feature in the next-gen iPhone, similar to the one in the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Given the hype, we can only hope that the day isn’t too far away when we will get to see Apple unveiling the new iPhone to the world. We’ve heard that the iPhone 5S could be fitted with a 12 MP rear camera and possibly a 2 MP one in the front.

This means that users could possibly record full HD videos using the front-facing camera as well. But like the Galaxy S4, it would be nice to use the iPhone 5S to use both cameras at once for clicking pictures too.

But if the iPhone 5S comes with this feature, would this draw the crowd away from the Galaxy S4?