Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi had launched a mammoth air-pollution drive for screening the pollution levels in the city. During the digital press conference, few plans were discussed related to 13 hotspots which were identified by Arvind Kejriwal on Air Pollution.  Already Delhi is dealing and handling the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic and air pollution is another factor which is creating a disturbance in the entire scenario, so he requested the delhities to handle the situation with an optimistic attitude. 

It is a well-known fact that pollutants reduce the immunity of people and in the ongoing pandemic, air pollution will clinch the entire situation. Pollutants and COVOD-19 both are not good for the lungs so this is surely a war-like situation where both the enemies, the air-pollution and COVID-19 is going hand in hand and attacking Delhi with all kinds of arms and ammunitions. 

But, Arvind Kejriwal’s take on Air Pollution is very clear and he announced that very soon the government will launch the “Green Delhi” mobile application and all different anti-pollution measures to control air pollution in the city. 

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“Yudh Pradushan ke Virudh”

Arvind Kejriwal on Air Pollution has triggered many departments like departments of environment, transport, development, PWD, Delhi Development Authority, Delhi Jal Board, traffic police, and municipal corporations.  He had committed that he himself will keep a watch on the complaints related to air pollution like burning of garbage, brick kilns using outdated technology, unfilled potholes, construction activities, and other industrial activities that are adding fuel to air pollution. 

The government has recognized that one of the crucial reasons for escalating levels of air pollution in the city is burning of stubble to which different scientists have also come up with an idea of economically converting stubble into manure. A centre for converting stubble into manure is set up in Kharkhari village in Najafgarh where “bio-decomposer” solution is prepared in 400 containers which can be sprayed upon the crop residue for rapid bio-decomposition of the stubble. 

Arvind Kejriwal on Air Pollution also announced to impose heavy fines to those who will not follow the government directions for reducing the pollutants. He also urges the government of neighboring states to provide adequate help to farmers so that they can avoid the burning of stubble.  

Arvind Kejriwal has a tremendous understanding that timely action can do wonders as their government has already reduced 25 percent of air pollution in the past.  He also announced that proper actions will be taken for 11 thermal plants to reduce the emissions.