Even though a detachable tablet from a laptop seems handy & cool, there are a couple of points you really must consider while making such a buy.

Dell XPS 12 Features vs  HP Envy X2 features

Firstly, Dell’s XPS 12 Processor is Intel Core i5, while HP’s Envy x2 processor is Intel Atom Dual-Core. Even though both run Windows 8, the Intel Atom processor series have generally been used in their HP MINI models, along with various other cell phones.


Second, the processor speed on Dell’s Ultrabook is 2.7GHz whereas the HP doubles-as-tablet laptop is configured to a 1.8GHz processing speed. Games, apps & chat windows naturally operate faster on the first.

Storage-wise, Dell XPS12 memory is 4GB & a 256GB HDD capacity as compared to HP ENVY x2 2GB memory of 64GB HDD capacity.

Next, the graphic resolution on Dell XPS 12 is 1920 x 1080 pixles, higher, in-front of HP’s 1366 x 768 pixles.

And finally, the main reason for which I would choose the Dell XPS 12 – houses a 1.3MP camera while HP ENVYx2 detachable tablet laptop does not. For Skype users, the buck stops right here.

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