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A Beginner’s Guide on How to Start Yoga

An art form, Yoga involves a sense of adventure and the willingness to explore the vastness of the Self. It is a combination of exercises with deep focus on breathing, movement and relaxation. Yoga asanas are not just physical exercises. It, in its true art form, is an emotional integration, spiritual elevation along with the touch of a mystic element. In short, yoga asanas are a balance of effort and ease. Let us dwell a little further into the topic and learn about different yoga styles.

Hatha yoga can be tried by beginners as the asanas are slow-paced. As you progress, you can learn Vinyasa and power yoga. For inculcating your spiritual self, Kundalini yoga should be tried as it incorporates different elements of chanting and meditation.

Focus on the Breathing

As a beginner and someone keen to learn how to start yoga, you should learn to focus on breathing. Breathing purifies and cleanses the mind and body and also has a physiological effect on the brain. Focusing the attention on breathing has its distinct benefits which have also been confirmed through a study done in 2014. The findings were published in Medical Science Monitor Basic Research and affirm the fact that a 25 minute guided session on nostril yoga breathing decreases blood pressure significantly. It provides more opportunity for the cells to absorb oxygen, and eliminate more carbon dioxide. This has a calming effect on the mental and emotional body.

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Concentrate on the Poses

With mindful practice, yoga increases tranquillity, sensitivity, intuition and awareness.  Yoga asanas not only improve agility, but concentration on yoga poses result in optimal muscle performance, which further translates to power. It helps detoxify the body and releases anxiety.  It cleanses the body of all negative thoughts and effuses positivity and mindfulness.

Some of the common beginner yoga poses include a child’s pose or Balasana, Tadasana, Virabhadrasana, Dandasana and  AdhoMukhaSvanasana.  You can also follow the instruction from Yoga for Beginners,  a mobile application dedicated to learning and practicing yoga.

Yoga Supplies – A Must

To practice yoga, open environment is an ideal option. It is also necessary to have a good quality yoga mat as performing asanas without the mat or on the floor can result in injury or unwanted twisting. Yoga mat serves as a protection and cushion, especially when you are not able to maintain the balance whilst performing yoga poses.  For beginners, it is also essential to invest in good yoga blocks as they serve as an extension of the arms, and also provide the needed support for the back, head and hips.

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Get Appropriate Costume for Daily Yoga Session

The best way to start yoga is to dress comfortably. One should ideally choose stretchy pants or shorts as they offer a comfortable fit and does not block movement. A fitted shirt or a top is an ideal choice so that it does not get cover the face while performing an inversion pose. Yoga socks with ample grip also help to maintain a firm foot to ensure balance and stability.

Benefits of Daily Yoga Practice

  • Makes you feel better – simple as that
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves strength and endurance
  • Boosts immune system and metabolism
  • Improves concentration and energy levels
  • Reduces anxiety and improves mindfulness

Yoga asana brings balance in every aspect of our life. It is as graceful as a dance, allowing the doer to glide into one posture from another with ease and with perfection. Share your yoga journey and tell us how it helps you, physically and mentally.

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