With the grand success of the HTC One, certain sources expect that HTC might emerge again in the competitive smartphone market with all new and fresh look. Certain rumors are swirling around HTC as we hear that the Taiwanese firm is planning to unveil an HTC One with a display size bigger than 5-inch along with a mini version of its flagship HTC One device.

A savior of the company, the HTC One is a stylish and beautiful device that’s one of the best smartphones ever made. A title that usually goes to Apple’s iPhone, the HTC One sets itself apart from other cheap plastic Android smartphones that are over flooding in the market.

Designed with an anodized aluminum unibody case, the HTC One is carved in a stylish manner that makes it extremely comfortable to hold and use. The design, style and features of the smartphone make it a class apart and a huge success with consumers.

HTC, we hear is now all set to launch an HTC One 5+inch phablet and a 4.3-inch HTC One mini.

Certain sources indicate that the larger HTC One will be a 5+ inch phablet. The reported specs of the smartphone will be same as the current HTC One. The device is speculated to be encased in the same anodized aluminum unibody as its predecessor. The HTC One mini is expected to have a 4.3-inch display, front facing stereo speakers and an UltraPixel camera.

However, no exact date regarding the launch of these smartphones was given. In case rumors turn out to be true, will it impress consumers just like its popular counterpart; the HTC One? We certainly hope so. Only time will tell.