How the Bitcoin is Affecting Economies

In case you are still confused about this one, Bitcoin is a crypto currency that is not physically tangible. It can be considered a new kind of money that comes with a highly innovative payment network. ‘Crypto’ for Bitcoin refers to the use of codes and protocols to establish secure … Read the rest

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Mark Karpeles Charged With Embezzlement Of Bitcoin Funds Post Arrest In Tokyo

According to a Japanese news agency Jiji Press, prosecutors have gone ahead with charges against Mark Karpeles, who was the head of now defunct Bitcoin Exchange MtGox. Karpeles has been charged with embezzlement. Currently under arrest with the Japanese police, he can request for a release while he awaits trial.… Read the rest

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TEDx Chandigarh Conducts Pre-Event amid Great Fanfare

Tanmay Bakshi shares his experiences in TEDx Chandigarh’s first pre-event this season at the Infosys campus in Chandigarh.

Amid the chilly winter season, TEDx Chandigarh organized a pre-event on 29 December, 2017 hosting two brilliant minds from North America. The event drew a crowd of intellectual minds that parleyed with … Read the rest

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