Sunday, July 14, 2024

83 Million Fake Facebook Accounts! Surprised?

Is it the time to check whether there are any imaginary friends on our Facebook?

In an astonishing revelation by Facebook, the firm has admitted that around 83 million users on the network are bogus. This number accounts to a total of 8.7 % of all of Facebook’s 995 million users. The social networking site is roughly the size of Egypt’s population and is larger than most of the world’s countries.

Of 8.7 % fake accounts, 4.8 % are duplicate accounts, 2.4 % are user-misclassified accounts, and 1.5 % are spam or undesirable accounts. These duplicate accounts that make up the largest group are made by those people who want to keep their activities a secret from their partners. There are also some accounts that are created for dogs, cats, and other animals.

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This figure given by the firm is a bit higher than the company’s previous estimates. In a March filing, Facebook claimed about 5 to 6 % of its accounts, or 40.3 million to 50.7 million to be fake. The company also states that it bans at least 20,000 accounts daily and estimates about 600,000 accounts per day to be compromised.

Considering the latest figures we got, Facebook’s claim of 995 million active users would go down to 912 million.

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