7 Gadgets to Make A Busy Mom’s Life Easier


It is no news that working moms have a lot on their plate. From running to work every morning to dealing with kid’s homework to managing their homes to cooking all meals and feeding everyone, life is not all easy. Millennial mothers struggle every day as they dive into the daily schedule and ensure everything is perfect. So we have here, 7 gadgets to make a busy mom’s life easier.

Technology has indeed made life easy – especially for working moms. With the continuous advancement in the field, companies have now designed tech products to help ease the burden off the shoulders of professional mothers. There are tons of technology inspired products for working women out there. These tech devices are not only stylish but powerful as well and help make their hectic lives a bit less crazy.

Gadgets to make busy mom’s life easier

Wemo-Enabled Crock-pot

Cooking after a long day of work can be tiring.  Wemo-enables crock-pot is a must-have for working moms as it allows you to set the cooking time and temperature wirelessly. You can set the time and temperature according to the tasks in hand, and the food will be cooked as per your liking. All you need to do is to connect this smart cooker with your home router, and then control it via the wemo app. Imagine going for a quick run while the stew is getting cooked at its own pace. You can also set the time and let it work while you spend some quality time with your family.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

We all love our morning cup of coffee. Working mothers have a lot to manage in the morning and often gulp down the perfect brew without really enjoying it. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug is a gorgeous temperature-controlled mug (you will have to download the app to control the temperature) that keeps your coffee or tea at the temperature you like. It makes sure that every sip of your fav hot beverage tastes just the same from start to finish.

Using the integrated heating element, the ceramic cup keeps your hot drink at the perfect drinking temperature.  The app-controlled Bluetooth mug allows you to set your drink to your preferred temperature and keep it just like that until the last satiating swig. The temperature control mug comes with charging coaster, which you place the mug on to charge its integrated battery.

TrackR Bravo

Always on the run, working moms have a lot of things on their mind. In the chaos, they often keep things in places and later face trouble finding them. They often forget where they kept their car keys, spectacles, and even mobile phones. To ease out the trouble of finding things over and over again, TrackR Bravo is a great tech gadget that can be easily affixed to items that are commonly misplaced. Size of a quarter, this cool device allows users to tag the equipment with the items and then use it to track the location of the tagged item.  You can also make it ring via the TrackR’s IOS and Android mobile app.

Amazon Echo Show, with Alexa

The Amazon Echo is an all-time favorite digital assistant used by billions of mom across the globe. It is a useful wireless smart hub and hands-free speaker that is integrated with Alexa voice service. The Echo can read audiobooks, report weather, and provide schedules. Another added advantage is that the device holds seven microphones and 360-degree speaker outputs. It allows mothers to interact with Echo from across the room and can ask Alexa questions. She can also ask Alexa to play the stored music list, and at the same time manage to-do and shopping lists, and control other smart home devices with great ease.

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http://Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) – Improved sound, powered by Dolby (Black)

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Leaf Urban

This is a beautiful jewellery piece by Bellabeat. Leaf Urban is a smart jewelry health tracker that combines fashion with technology to help improve your well-being. Available in rose gold and silver edition, the cool yet chic fitness tracker not only allows working moms to keep their calorie intake under check but also helps them monitor their sleep pattern, menstrual cycle, and much more. The app even has a cool meditation feature to give you a few minutes of tranquility each day. It also doubles as a silent alarm so you wake up peacefully.

Leaf Urban is made of wood composite material and hypoallergenic stainless steel and can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or even a clip. Order it right away and get in sync with your body, mind, and soul.

Dyson Airwrap

Imagine you have an early meeting to attend and your hair refuses to behave. Short of time, the meeting is an important one and you have no time to go to a salon or to wait for your curling iron to start working its magic. Well, the solution is here. Dyson Airwrap is one is a super-useful hair-styling tool for different hair types that needs only 10 minutes to do its magic.  It is a one-stop hair styling tool that promises to swap your entire kit of hot tools.  With just one device, you can now create curls, waves, and bouncy blow dry’s without damaging your hair with excessive heat.

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Dyson Airwrap Styler Complete (Fuchsia)

Phone Charging Bracelet

Stuck in office and your phone battery has died? Unable to get through your kids? A problem faced by all working women, having the phone battery dying especially when you are on the go is a common problem. Phone charging bracelet is a savior. Compatible with iPhones, phone charging bracelet is a wearable band that comes handy in emergency situations. You don’t have to carry multiple cords and look for charging points, instead, you have extra battery on you.  Connect your phone with the phone charging bracelet and enjoy uninterrupted calling.

Phone charging bracelet is extremely elegant and quite practical and durable. A practical product to have, it saves you to carry the hefty power bank in your purse. You can simply connect your phone with the bracelet and wait for it to power up your phone.