7 Cool Gadgets Under Rs 500 on Flipkart

Gadgets Under Rs 500 on Flipkart

Innovations in technology have led to the development of context specific gadgets intending to enhance the quality of our lives. These range from high end, sophisticated computing devices to inexpensive, but useful products. With the ever-growing popularity of online marketplaces, buying low priced gadgets has not only become easier, but also more reliable. Flipkart being one of the biggest facilitators of ecommerce, offers a plethora of such gadgets catering to the palette of the Indian consumer.

Cool Gadgets Under Rs 500 on Flipkart

Keeping that in mind, we have selected some unique and really cool gadgets under Rs 500 on Flipkart that are worth a try. Take a look.

Top Picks for Cool Gadgets Under Rs 500 on Flipkart

  1. Bulb-cum-Bluetooth Speaker – The RUNEECH music bulb is a Bluetooth enabled gadget that serves the dual purpose of illuminating a room and playing music. The smart bulb connects to your phone via Bluetooth and provides a high-quality musical output. It also comes with a remote control that can be used for changing the colour of the bulb’s light manually. You can buy this energy efficient product on Flipkart for Rs 479.
  2. Phone Remote Shutter – This gadget from the house of Pelogo allows taking pictures on a smartphone from a distance with the click of a button using Bluetooth connectivity. Priced at Rs 209 on Flipkart, it is one of our favourite cool gadgets under Rs 500. The pocket controller is easy to carry and can be paired with any phone within a range of 30 feet.
  3. Turbo Car Charger – The extremely useful Qualcomm charger from boAt is equipped with fast charging capabilities for powering a host of compatible devices viz. smartphones, earphones, smart watches and the like. It safeguards the battery of the device plugged into the charger by providing protection against fluctuations in the flow of current. The 3 Amp turbo car charger can be purchased from Flipkart for Rs 439.
  4. Gaming Mouse – Characterized by its 6 pre-programmed buttons, the Zeb Transformer M is a super cool gaming mouse from Zebronics. Its sleek and ergonomic built makes it comfortable for long-hour use while the base metal strip lends it strength and enhances its durability. With a price of Rs 474 on Flipkart, it is one of the best gadgets under 500 in 2021 for pro gamers.
  5. Stress Relieving Cube – The fidget cube is a habit breaking and stress relieving gadget for children and adults alike. Each side of this cube from TEMFEST allows you to do different things such as click, glide, spin, etc. It helps in relieving anxiety and getting you back on track by shifting attention from what might be bothering you. To buy this gadget on Flipkart, you will have to shell out Rs 249. 
  6. LED Reading Lamp for Laptop–This soft, silicon lamp from Goodk in India is inserted into the laptop’s USB port for some extra light on the go. The bendable lamp offers flexibility and can be easily adjusted according to the need. It does not flash into your eyes, thus providing a comfortable, anti-glare experience. Available for just Rs 99 on Flipkart, it is one of the coolest and cheapest gadgets to buy.
  7. Sunglasses with Wireless Headphones– The Hypexmulti purpose sunglasses protect the eyes from the Ultraviolet (UV) rays while the attached headphones allow wireless streaming of music and receiving of calls. This two-in-one gadget also serves as an accessory and is priced on Flipkart at Rs 479.

This was our list of budget friendly gadgets that make novel use of technology for improving user efficiency. Do suggest other cool gadgets under Rs 500 on Flipkart that you would want us to add to this list.