7 Best Educational Apps for Students 

best educational apps for students

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, every individual and business has been adapting to changes to work and interact with each other. Online learning is a part of this. Best educational apps for students allow them to learn new things and pick up new skills.

In this post, we list 7 of the best educational apps for students that can provide you withstress-busting material and a great source of preparation.

Best Educational Apps for Students 

1. Udemy

One of the best learning apps for students, Udemy has over 130,000 video tutorials for courses ranging from business and technology to personal development lessons like writing, drawing, yoga, and more. Interestingly, the platform allows you to learn all the topics at your own pace and even ask questions and clear your doubts with students and instructors. For example, if you are interested in app development, Udemy’s expert teachers help you realize your dream.

Udemy app


  • Survey creators
  • Experienced and expert instructors
  • Interactive learning
  • Discussions

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy’s sole aim is to provide free and quality education for inquisitive minds. All the lessons are in the form of video tutorials displaying a recording of drawings on a virtual blackboard, just like a teacher giving a lecture in a physical classroom.

The narrator describes each lesson through drawings. Additionally, Khan Academy provides online courses for preparing for exams such as MCAT, SAT, LSAT, etc. So, if you’re looking to take on a new course and equip your mind with more skills, Khan Academy is undoubtedly a great place to look.

Khan Academy app


  • Progress tracking
  • Practise exercises
  • Supports multiple languages.

3. edX

Physically, it may not be viable for many students to study the courses at top universities such as MIT, Harvard, etc. Don’t lose heart; edX brings all these universities to your fingertips.

edX covers more than 2000 courses from top universities, including engineering, linguistics, Business studies, and computer science, among others. The certificates and university credits you receive from these courses will add value to your professional career.

edX app


4. Google Classroom

If you are looking to streamline homework submission, assignments, reviewing, and grading, then this app is for you. Essentially a virtual classroom, Google Classroom can be used to create classes, start discussions, send announcements, submit and grade assignments, ask for remarks and answers, share resources, and more. It’s easy to set up a google classroom. A teacher shares the code with the class, and the students can join the class by entering that code.

Google Classroom app


  • Highly organized system
  • Smoother grading process
  • Enhanced communication

5. Duolingo

Duolingo makes learning new languages a cakewalk. From English and Spanish to Mandarin, Duolingo helps you learn many languages in a fun and interactive way. It starts with games like labeling essential pictures, and as you complete more levels, you will find several engaging games that will improve your vocabulary and grammar skills.

It also allows you to set your daily goals and tracks your performance to provide insights. If you perform well, you will receive XPs. The more XPs you win, the more sets of interactive stories will be opened to improve your reading and listening comprehension.

Duolingo app


  • Over 30 languages
  • Interactive stories 
  • Forum discussion
  • Language learning events
  • Leaderboards competitions

6. SoloLearn

Coding and programming are becoming more popular than ever before, and SoloLearn is a paradise for coding enthusiasts. App development is a vast field and offers a considerable opportunity for coders.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, SoloLearn provides you with a great collection of free coding tutorials across languages such as C++, Java, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. So, if you manage to learn them, job opportunities will start pouring in from all directions.

SoloLearn app


  • Free mobile code editor
  • An interactive platform of coders
  • Includes latest coding trend tutorials.

7. Kahoot

Kahoot is one of the best apps for those who enjoy learning through quizzes. It has ready-made quizzes on any topic. You can simply choose a subject and join live quizzes and even get your friends to compete with you.

You can use the app for offline quiz competitions as well. For example, the instructor creates a quiz competition on Kahoot and displays it on an interactive whiteboard or projector.

The players can join the quiz using a PIN and answer the questions directly on the app. The setup is also simple.

Kahoot app


  • Can host live quizzes on big screens.
  • Supports over 2000 live contestants.
  • Easy to create games.

Towards the end

If you have the quest to learn, then these best educational apps for students are just what you need. In addition, you can learn from the comforts of your home at any time.