A five-year-old kid from California, Kristoffer Von Hassel, has somehow managed to figure out vulnerability in Microsoft’s Xbox One, enabling him to gain unauthorized backdoor access in Xbox Live. Although the little boy is not a reputed security researcher, he gained access to his father’s Xbox Live account despite being not having the password for it.The Xbox One provides much ease to the user when it comes to redeeming a code for add-on or a new game.

Robert Davies, the father of the five-year old boy, has protected his account but he noticed that his son was managing to gain access and play games he was not supposed to.

Kristoffer entered a wrong combination when asked to enter a password for his father’s Xbox Live account, leading him to a password verification screen. The boy then simply put in a series of spaces and hit enter, which allowed him backdoor access to the off-limits games in his father’s account.

Davies was quoted saying to CNN affiliate KGTV-10 in an interview that “How awesome is that? Just being five years old and being able to find a vulnerability and latch on to that. I thought it was pretty cool.”

Davies reported the vulnerability to Microsoft, which has claimed to fix the issue as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Microsoft has decided to reward the youngest security researcher with four games, a USD50 gift card and a year-long subscription for Xbox Live.

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