Windows 10 is now out in the market and by this time many have tried their hands on its new features. Though the new OS has brought in several innovative features for users, some of them will really steal your heart.

Top 5 most lovable features of Windows 105 features at a glance

Customization of start menu: Windows 10 features a user-friendly start menu, which was last seen in Windows 7. The new start menu is even better as it can be customized depending on the preference of the user. One can get it enlarged to full-screen mode or keep it small. The content of the menu can also be organized as per choice with large, wide, medium and small tile sizes.

Real Assistance from Cortana: This is undoubtedly one of the most praised features of Windows 10. Once the Notebook collects relevant information from the user, it immediately processes it like a human and provides complete assistance to plan tours or arrange events. Cortana can be used as a complete search bar or as an icon.

Microsoft Edge browsing: The new browser has already gained much appreciation for its performance. It is not just user friendly but also has built-in Cortana support.

File explorer boon: Now, users can get a much organized file explorer with recently accessed files, designated favorites and frequently visited folders. Though this is useful for everyone, it is more advantageous for people working on projects containing multiple elements.

Work on virtual desktop: Managing multiple applications or programs is no longer a tough job with the virtual desktop feature. Dedicate one work space for each app and work without any distraction.

 This is not all. Updates for the new OS will be released frequently to make it even better.