Top 5 Things That Led To Flappy Birds Teen Suicide in Chicago

Even though Flappy Bird has been removed from the App Store, it continues to be the most popular game of 2014. It is the most talked-about game without any cool logic. It has uncool graphics and the game is tough to play. Take a look at 5 facts that led to a teen suicide in Chicago:

  1. A boy murdered his sibling for a low Flappy Bird score. Gary Wright brutally stabbed his brother Jaban Wright in a rage because the latter scored higher. Jaban teased his brother Gary for a low score.
  2. Flappy Bird was developed by Dong Nguyen in just 2-3days. It is the viral ability that really matters in today’s time.
  3. Game was launched in May 2013. It showed no popularity till January 2014 followed by a lot of news. But the sudden fame is still a mystery.
  4. As per Verge, Flappy Bird generates $50000 daily with its pop up ads.
  5. Even though people like the game, critics don’t like Flappy Birds. Metacritic rated the game with a score of 54/100.



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