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5 Simple Weight Loss Ideas in Home Quarantine

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COVID-19 has brought the world to almost a standstill. Lockdowns have disrupted normalcy as we are restricted within the four walls of our homes. This makes it important to identify simple weight loss ideas that we can use while we are home. Working and learning from home has made those extra pounds a challenge for everyone.

If you are anxious about those extra pounds you might have gained in the last 2 months, you aren’t in it alone. Most of us have. But, here’s the better news!! You don’t need to wait for your gym to open up to get back in shape. However, we also understand wearing various hats — being a WFH employee, being a full-time parent, and staying with your spouse all the time makes it tough to get into a routine. So we curated some interesting, yet simple weight loss ideas for home quarantine. These simple weight loss ideas will help you with your lockdown weight loss journey.

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Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss

Working from home during quarantine can disrupt your daily routine and eating habits. As food and kitchen are within your access, you may end up consuming a lot more food (especially snacks) than you would usually do. Furthermore, emotional and mindless eating is quite likely to seep in.

Moreover, just as overeating isn’t a great idea, skipping meals is not healthy either. Thus, it is important to deliberately schedule meals so that you can have a healthy and nutritious diet. Additionally, you can also use certain applications to incorporate healthier meals and keep a count on your calories.

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Top 4 Meal Planning and Calorie Calculating apps are:

  • Noom: Health & Weight
  • Lose It! – Calorie Counter
  • Mealime – Meal Planner, Recipes & Grocery List
  • Runtastic Balance Calorie Calculator, Food Tracker

Stay Hydrated

tips for weight loss

Although it might seem like a no-brainer, it is important to take care of your water intake too. You may already be gulping too many coffee cups in a day after binge-watching Netflix and Prime shows at night. Fluids including coffee may kill your thirst but don’t necessarily compensate for water requirements in the body. So, make sure you consume an ample amount of plain water throughout the day.

Additionally, greater water intake is also reported to facilitate metabolism besides helping you with a healthy appetite.

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Make Room for Movement

Your new work from home routine may have you sitting in front of the screen for hours at a stretch. It not only leads to those extra pounds but can also result in body aches and more. Thus, having taking short five minute breaks to relax and move around –ideally after around every half an hour – is helpful.

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Moreover, experts suggest that in the current times it is important to remember that everything counts. As each calorie we consume adds on, all the little movements and amount of activity counts too.

Workout at home with fitness apps

After being done with all the easy stuff, it’s time to address the elephant in the room. “My gym is closed for now, how do I work out? How do I lose weight?” So, by any chance, if you don’t already know it, there’s a lot you can still do from home. It is finally time to get tech into play and install some exciting fitness apps to design a personalised workout routine that’s perfect for you.

Following are our Top 5 fitness apps to try and explore during quarantine:

  • Nike Training Club
  • Planet Fitness
  • Daily Burn
  • Fitness: Home Exercises
  • Fat Burning Workouts – Lose Weight Home Workout

Perfect Time To Begin Yoga

Lastly, if you have been avoiding it so far, maybe now is the perfect time to finally give it a shot. As gyms are shut for now and losing weight seems harder than ever, Yoga will help you stay fit and also boost your mental health. Furthermore, several fitness apps are specifically dedicated to Yoga which can help you in learning new asana and pranayama based on your goals and fitness level.

Following are some of the best Yoga apps currently available on the PlayStore:

  • Yoga For Beginners
  • 5-minute Yoga
  • Core Power Yoga
  • Down Dog
  • Yoga Studio – Mind and Body

These are our simple weight loss ideas. Tips that are easy to follow tips while we are home-bound during quarantine. However, it is also necessary to remember that these are stressful times and it is ok to take things easy. Physical health and mental wellness should continue to be a priority while you take these simple steps to lose weight.

Share your thoughts and quarantine experience with weight management in the comments below.

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