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5 Revolutionary Innovations Of Technology In Education

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Innovations of technology in Education in the last two decades have completely changed the way students learn. It seems like that classrooms have undergone a 360° transformation going from those combined classrooms with sitting mats to smart classrooms with projectors and new next-gen technologies.

While challenges like affordability and accessibility remain, there have also been some undeniable benefits of technology in education. So, today we take a look at various innovations of technology that are revolutionizing Education in the 21st century.

Top 5 Innovations of Technology In Education You Should Know

1. Online Education

We are writing this article in a time when schools and universities have already been shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, remote learning has continued for most, all thanks to the modern-day tools of technology designed to enable online education and virtual classrooms.

Digital education has definitely come as a gift of technology for both students and educators during the on-going global health crisis. Thus, as virtual classrooms keep education going even in the unprecedented times like the present, we simply could not have begun our list with anything but online education. 

2. Cloud Computing

Those times are gone when education was limited to students sitting in the classroom. Distance learning and additional online courses are becoming increasingly common especially among professionals. But, it is also worth noting that cloud computing is an innovation of technology that played a pivotal role in further facilitating online education.


Cloud computing facilitates learning by enabling students to easily access educational resources from around the world. Moreover, learning material stored in the cloud can include anything from lectures, e-books, presentations to audio-video media. Thus, it significantly enhances remote education, sorry, but end the scope for homework excuses and literally brings libraries to the comforts of your home.

3. 3D Printing

Unsurprisingly, next on our list is the humble innovation of 3D printing. For years, students were simply left to their own imaginations to think what those innovative models on their textbook would look like in real life. However, it is no longer the case as we can now employ 3D printing to easily bring to life the most complex of the things.

Advancements in the field of 3D printing and its use in the field of Education have helped to simplify even the most complex of the problems. The technology is particularly more useful for technical courses like engineering that require students to understand complex systems and infrastructure.

4. Artificial Intelligence

We doubt if there is any individual field left that artificial intelligence hasn’t already touched because it does seem like that this one is everywhere. Particularly, in educational institutions, AI and ML (machine learning) are increasingly being used for grading and feedback purposes for their smarter automation capabilities.

Another benefit of AI in education is its power to enhance the personalization. Notably, its personalization function also makes it more suitable to facilitate learning among students with special needs.

5. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a next-gen technology that has already become one of our favorites. VR comes with a unique capability to let us enter the fantasy world of gaming and more. However, what many don’t know is that virtual reality is not just limited to fun and entertainment.


It is in fact emerging as one of the most significant technological innovations in healthcare and education. Particularly in education, VR, or virtual reality experience not only helps students by facilitating understanding but also makes the process of learning more enjoyable by allowing them to escape and interacting with a 3D world.

The way things have changed in the past year, one can no longer undermine the many contributions of technology in Education. Moreover, with increasing internet access and the popularity of smartphones and gadgets, innovations of technology in Education have also been able to make learning accessible to more and more people.

However, we are still far from achieving the global objectives of education for all. More than creating new technologies, the need of the hour is to explore ways to make Education more affordable and accessible for everybody across the planet.

As you get the privilege to learn, try to also reach out, and spread education to those who don’t yet have the same opportunities.

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