Yes, there’s more than enough places where you can find the best of the best apps that everybody should download onto their smartphones and tablets, but we’re doing something a little different here. We know that women use their tech devices differently from men, and so we’ve done some looking around (and saved you the trouble!) and found you ladies some really cool apps you have got to have on your phones, tablets, etc. Here’s a round-up of the best 5 we’ve come across so far:

Evernote: OK, this one’s not exactly lady-specific, but it’s a real handy little app you ought to have. For all those infinite small little chores you need to do, but keep forgetting, Evernote is just the right little tool where you can jot them down and ensure that you never miss out on completing the tasks. The coolest thing about it – download it onto your PC and sync your to-do lists across multiple devices too!

Calorie Counter: Never feel guilty about digging into your favorite foods with this neat app always within your hand’s reach. No matter where you are, you no longer need to worry about whether a bite of the chef’s special will mean an extra hour in the gym. With Calorie Counter, you can keep track of your nutritional intake, weight, and even your exercise schedules. It’s your own fitness assistant cum dietician, and it’s always available to answer any of your queries.

TripAdvisor: This is a great app to have, even if you’re not one a frequent traveler. Why, you ask? Next time you’re out shopping in the street and come across a new, interesting looking restaurant, you can check out its ratings and reviews, and even find out what’s the best thing to order before setting foot into the place. What’s more, with TripAdvisor, you know you can get the most reliable advice on hotels and restaurants.

Forex Currency Convertor: Ever have one of those confusing moments when you’re holidaying and decide to go shopping, but are not sure if you’ve already maxed out your credit cards in the foreign country? With the currency convertor app, you can stay updated about the current rates of converting from one currency into another, and always stay within the budget during your next international shopping spree.

Kindle: We know the bookworms would love this app. An all-in-one app that converts your smartphone or tablet into an e-book reader and gives you access not only to e-books (including many free titles as well) but also newspapers and magazines, this is definitely one app you just cannot do without. Whether it’s staying on top of what’s happening in the world currently, or it’s just plain travel reading, the Kindle app is sure to keep you completely glued to your screen and keep boredom at bay.