Tech giant Apple has already launched the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5S. Also, the iMacs, which were recently released, have given a lowdown of some improved features to be seen in MacBook Pro 2013.

The most anticipated feature

One of the most curiously watched features of the all new MacBook Pro 2013 will be the Intell Haswell processor. The fact that the all new iMac is powered by Intel’s Haswell processor had made people think that Apple will also be providing the Haswell processer with the MacBook Pro 2013.

This Haswell processor from Intel will be teamed up with a new graphics CPU. Much similar to the newly released iMacs, the entry level MacBook Pro will be booting an Iris Pro GPU. On the other end, the premium end laptop from Apple will see a more powerful and advanced NVIDIA GeForce 700 chipset.

Also, same like iMacs, the MacBook Pro 2013 will be featuring faster storage option. Another great feature of the MacBook Pro 2013 will be that customers would be able to buy the device supporting a storage space of massive 1 TB.

It is also highly likely that the MacBook Pro 2013 will feature the advanced OS X Mavericks that was announced in June last year.