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Think Clean Living: Gadgets for the Minimalist in You

Somewhere in time, the need to showcase our exuberant lifestyle on social media became compelling. Jam-packed malls paved way for one-click purchases. A predictable yet insurmountable whirlwind has pushed us in one direction — to purchase and accumulate. As a reaction to this conspicuous consumption, a slow yet steady movement has stirred. Minimalism is cementing us to accept an alternative way of living. Luckily, there are gadgets for minimalist living that aid you to declutter your home and pursue a clean lifestyle.

A modern day living practice, Minimalism promotes a lifestyle that reduces carbon footprint. In its true sense, minimalism aids in pursuing a carefree life. One that is bereft of fear and freedom from having to put-up a show. Some gadgets for minimalist living in fact give freedom from the consumer culture we’ve built our lives around.

Gadgets for a Minimalist Living

Instant Pot

We all love the cast iron pans in different sizes and colours. Not only do they occupy a lot of space in the kitchen, but cleaning and maintaining them is a cumbersome task in itself. The Instant Pot replaces 10 common kitchen appliances, including pressure cooker, slow cooker, porridge cooker, cake maker, yogurt maker, egg cooker, sauté/searing, steamer, and sterilizer. The 10-in-1 electric appliance is designed using the latest 3rd generation technology with an embedded microprocessor. The microprocessor controls the pressure and temperature, keeps a tab on time, and adjusts heating intensity and duration. 

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Be it your favourite roast chicken or a hearty bowl of soup, the Instant Pot will cook it all and is a great timesaver. You don’t need different utensils for cooking any more.

 A Robot Vacum Cleaner

A super compact vacuum cleaner, it can be easily stored under the couch and is programmed to clean your house whilst you are away. The iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-has an in-built Wi-Fi connectivity and is compatible with Alexa. The robot vacuum cleaner is not only suited for hard and carpeted floors but is super-efficient in removing pet hair.

The self-charging gadget for decluttering your house is a miracle machine and an absolute must for those who love their home to be squeaky clean.

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All-in-one Kettle

The Buydeem tea maker is an electric kettle adorned with an infuser and a keep warm feature that will surely keep your tea hot for up to an hour. All you need to do is push one of the buttons to determine the boil temperature for either black, white, green or oolong tea, and the kettle will boil to the perfect temperature for the leaves in the infuser. When ready, remove the infuser and a perfect cuppa is ready. This tea maker can also be used as a kettle.

Wireless Headphones

Although a lot of you might think that wireless headphones don’t deserve a spot here, it, in fact, gives you the freedom to move your hands and head. You can take your calls, run around the house doing the daily chores without the fear of the wires getting snagged. And, let’s not forget to thank the Bluetooth technology, which allows us to roam around the house without having to hold our phones in our hands. Just connect the device, and we are free to move.

Universal Charger

Apart from reducing the electrical consumption, the universal charger frees you from the clutter of unlimited wires handing around your house. You don’t need different chargers for your gadgets, as a good universal charger will charge all your electronics more efficiently. In fact, now there are several multichargers or USB charging stations, which help you to sync your devices and charge them at a faster speed.

Let us know your feedback if you have used any of the above gadgets to declutter your space. Suggest your favourite gadgets that help you lead a clean lifestyle. We would love to try them!

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