So the iOS 13 is here and it’s got some really cool upgrades. As long as you don’t have anything below the iPhone 6 or iPhone SE, you can download the iOS 13 on your phone to enjoy the features of iOS 13. For the Apple iPad users, you need the iPAd Air 2 or later, the iPad Mini 4 or later.

We tried the iOS 13 and found some really cool options among the various new features of iOS 13. These are a must try for everyone!

1. me emoji!

I tried the emoji for myself and it turned out to be really cool. You can define everything from the freckles and moles to the hair and the forehead. The smart feature also identified my favourite pose and made that my personal emoji. How cool is that!

To try, visit the messenger and choose your personalised look.

2. Easy swipe iOS 13 keyboard

Now you can simply slide your fingers on the keyboard instead of typing it all out. While you might be using Siri to voice your commands but it’s not always easy to do. Interestingly, Siri doesn’t always get the Hindi words we speak. However, the iOS 13 keyboard was able to get my command to type ‘chalo’!

easy swipe keyboard ios 13 feature

Using this feature is as simple as ABC. Simply start swiping.

3. Use the Download Manager on Safari

So, I have always found using Safari on the iPhone a little cumbersome. Apple has tried to do away with these concerns with the help of features like the Download manager. You can now download a file, save it to your photos or add it to your reading list faster.

ios 13 download manager feature

Click the top right corner of Safari to explore these features.

4. Better battery performance

With the Battery Health feature, the latest iOS 13 should be able to increase the run time of your smartphone. This feature uses AI to identify your battery use and charge only as much as you need.

ios 13 better battery feature

To explore the battery health features of iOS 13, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and turn on ‘Optimised Battery Charging’.

5. Switch Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Faster

You can now change the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings on the iPhone with the Control Centre. No need to head to the Settings each time. This has also made it easier to view and connect to the available networks and devices.

Have you tried the iOS 13 yet? Tell us about the features of iOS 13 that you have loved.

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