Even though summer holidays have caved, video camera and camera phone sales continue. They are a powerful tool to seize beautiful imagery and keep it tucked right in our hands. With technology revamping itself at an exponential speed, smartphone manufacturers have also understood that that mobile smartphone photography can no more be restricted to only day time photography.

Low-light photography results in underexposed photos and don’t do justice to the image or the moment. But, with the advancement in phone cameras with the use of super powers like AI, mobile manufactures have started catering to the growing demand of good mobile cameras for night photography. We did our research and bring the best 5 smartphones for night photography for late-night photographers.

Best cameras for night photography

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10

This smartphone is the best phone for night photography. It’s has three in-built cameras. The cameras are made up of the following lens which backs up the camera’s estimation comprehensively while taking pictures.

  • 26mm lens (prime)
  • 13mm ultra-wide
  • 52mm telephone

Ranked as the best smartphone for taking the best portraits at night, this phone features a devoted night mode. Although professionals advise on taking photos at night with the flash mode on, the photos taken with no flash turn out to be the best instead. Photos captured when Night Mode feature is on helps in achieving a perfect exposure compared to default settings and the images taken when night mode is activated are of super quality.

2. Huawei Mate P20 Pro

Huawei Mate P20 Pro is one of the best mobile phones for night photography in 2020. The cool smartphone comes with amazing trio features of camera lenses, including:

  • 16mm f/2.2 ultra-large angle
  • 27mmf/1.8 prime
  • 80mmf/2.4 telephone

The night mode feature allows its user to click pictures at night without the problem of underexposure. The added advantage of the flash limits the photos dynamic range and illuminates the subjects face.

3. Google Pixel 4

Unlike other smartphones, this phone is the Best Budget Camera Phone. It only features two camera lenses and that is:

  • 27mm f/1.7 lens
  • 50mm telephoto lens

This phone does not have an ultra-wide lens but still is the best smartphone for night photographers. It instead has a feature dedicated to night mode which produces amazing photos when on low light than when on standard situations. The exposure is also perfect as in-depth focus is maintained on the subject as well as the background.

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4. Apple iPhone 11 Pro

A hit amongst the millennial, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro has the best trio cameras, thus making its place in the Best Phone for landscape photography. The phone comes with an upgraded sensor for optical photo stabilization. Its camera lenses are

  • 26mm f/1.8 lens
  • 52mm f/2.0 telephoto lens
  • Ultra wide 13mm f/2.4

The ultimate combo of the three aforementioned lenses produces magnificent photos without having to touch up. The camera app comes with a ‘Night Mode’ feature and comes into play automatically when the light is not enough. Photos taken during the night are of high quality with no disturbance at the background and stored at the cloudstorage.

5. Huawei P30 Pro

This phone is leading the pack as the best phone for night photography. Its ability to take pictures on low light is outstanding. This phone enables you to click pictures in the dark and has great low-light adaptability. It manages to bring out light where there is little, and with good details and sharpness at that, as compared to its peers.