Angry Birds 2 is finally in the market and the game has received mixed reviews. The most appealing thing about this game is that it is free. It works pretty much like the previous version where you use a slingshot to take an aim at the birds. Animations in the game are interesting to watch with nuances that make it entertaining. What is troublesome is the limited number of lives you get, much like in Candy Crush Saga. Points and gems are mostly available when you pay, which makes this game really difficult to go through unless you pay up.

Interesting features at a glance

1. Although players won’t find significant changes in the core of the game, there is a new5 Most appealing features of Angry Birds 2 addition to the list of its existing set of birds. Silver is the latest bird introduced in Angry Birds 2. It has attracted attention not only for its shining look but also earned praises for its dive-bomb attack performance.

2. Leaderboard mode of playing the game is also quite attractive as one can play the game in an endless survival mode. This is even more interesting for new gamers.

3. Veterans of the game can find a significant variation in the structure of Angry Birds 2, as there are multiple screens. Players need to clear each screen to proceed to the next level. This works well for the serious players.

4. Graphics of the game are interesting as the game nicely redirects debris and birds. While portals are used to spit out debris elsewhere, plants gobble them and send them back to the game.

5. Birds are also not queued up in the new series. They just come as cards and three of them can be picked up at a time.

Angry Birds 2 has more graphic detailing than its previous version. Each level of the game is more intricate, which means gamers will have to play in a more dedicated way.