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5 Android 11 Emojis You Will Love to Install

Google has released the Android 11 beta 1 and it has an upgraded Emoji library. With this, 62 new emojis have been added in Unicode 13. A total of 117 Android 11 emojis have been launched, if we include the variations of these 62 new emojis. Along with these new and exciting emojis, the new OS is supported by APIs for 5G, sharing, connectivity, media, NNAPI, biometrics, and more.

Android 11 is a starting point for the on-going application on what matters most to people and conversations. The continuous addition of new emojis have shown the power and importance of these graphic assets and how they have become an integral part of expression, especially in chats. Not only do they add emotions and intentions, but bring in character to words.

Here are 5 Android 11 Emojis You Will Love

  • Turtle – Loved by almost all, the turtle emoji instantly sparks joy with a cute smile on its face with its little tail and legs. 
  • Smiling face with tear – this one aptly represents a mix of happiness and sadness.
  • Pinched fingers – represents the way an Italian might ask “what do you want?”
  • Anatomical heart – The actual heart emoji breaks the cliché way of representing love.
  • Man feeding baby – Breaking stereotypes, this one gives proud fathers something to show how much they love their kids

Latest Additions in Different Categories:

  • Animals & Nature emoji section sees  the addition of black cat, bison, mammoth, beaver, polar bear, dodo, feather, seal, beetle, cockroach, fly, worm, potted plant
  • Food & Drink category has also been upgraded with  tasty emojis of blueberries, olive, bell pepper, flatbread, tamale, fondue, teapot as well as bubble tea
  • In Travel & Places, you can now find  rock, wood, hut, pickup truck,and roller skate emoji
  • In Activities category, Google has introduced magic wand, piñata, nesting dolls, sewing needle and many more graphic icond
  • There’s also the transgender symbol and transgender flag

Try it out: Android 11 Emoji Update

Android 11 Beta is now available for development, testing, and feedback. Try it today on Google Pixel 4, 3a, 3 or 2. You can also find technical resources about the new features and capabilities in Android 11. It also highlights the changes that will affect the apps installed in your phone.

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The latest emojis will come to more devices when Android 11 is final in later half of 2020. As with all Android emoji updates, Samsung devices have their own emoji set which operates on a different timeline when compared with Google emoji font. Stay tuned to this page for latest update and information. We are working round the clock to keep you updated.

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