Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Nokia Windows 8 Phone May Be Called Juggernuat

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  A leaked image of windows phone 8 has been revealed. Nokia has still not officially announced the Windows 8 phone but a report by Nokia Blog states that it has received an image of a handset which is rumoured to be called Juggernuat. The report states, “It looks a little like the rectangular 810 but with a slight curvy bit at the bottom. It mentions on the side that it’s a proto Nokia. WP7 home button but it could just be an old proto.” In looks and size the handset are somewhere between Nokia Lumia Windows 8 handsets and Galaxy Note II. The device sports a windows phone logo so it could be old Window 7 prototype. But the inclusion of Family Room tile in its interface is clear indication of Windows phone 8 phone, which is featured in Windows Phone 8 and not the older Windows Phone platform.

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